...a giant workload.

  1. Pull all nighters.
  2. When you pull these all nighters, call them nuit blanche. It will make you feel better.
  3. Stock up on coffee. And tea. And creamer. Also: chocolate, sugar, pancakes and an assortment of unhealthy food.
  4. Have an awesome roommate/BFFL combination like @abundantchaos.
  5. Have Russell Crowe kill people in the background and look all manly. Even when he doesn't talk.
  6. Have your mom and little sisters visit you, and make fun of you. It will put things into perspective.
  7. Giggle over nonsense.
  8. Remember, there is no such thing as balance. You will fail inevitably. But realize that you won't stop climbing the hill anyway.
  9. Also, you might want to buy a plot in a cemetery. Just in case.
  10. Remember to breathe. This is only a phase in your life. Better things come later and to those who wait.
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