You are probably  a high school student, or a college student, or a parent, full time worker, a professional, a writer. You have a life. If you had it your way, you wouldn't but it's not your way. You don't have the necessary 40 hours a day, only 24. Rest assured. I have come up with a few helpful ways to stretch those hours to their limits.
  1. Coffee. Coffee. If you do not have a coffee maker go and buy one. Starbucks? Caribou Coffee? These are weak substitutes for the lovely brew you could be making at home. I have a small one. I am going to get a big one. And I also have a CABINET OF CAFFEINE. This cabinet, you stock it with creamers, and coffee mugs, and different flavors of coffee (my favorite is French Roast). And then you bask in the glory of the thing that is your caffeine high.
  2. Sleep. Sleep is overrated. You don't really need it. What you need is to budget it. You need 8-10 hours if you want to be a fully functional, awake, coherent human being. Drop that to 6 if you want to just be an awake human. Drop to 4 if you want to be awake. Drop to 2 if you plan on coasting through your day barely alive. 
  3. Social life. You don't have one. Not anymore. You already have to write, work, study, read, cook, and clean. YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR PEOPLE. You don't have time to laugh or drink or go out and dance with that really cute boy. Just forget about that social life. Forever.
  4. Spare minutes. You need them. You need them so much. Any downtime is not downtime it is time to get work done. It is time to outline that scene, or read that chapter, or skim those notes. If you think you have downtime, you are lying to yourself. You only have more time to get more done.
  5. Multitask. This is a skill that will serve you well. Cooking? Pull out that book and read. Writing? Open up twitter and connect. Drafting that essay? Talk to your friends and listen to music. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
*This is not actual advice. It's the way I choose to live my sad, unhappy life. Follow at your own peril.
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