So, first of all I wanted to thank all the fabulous people who congratulated me (even though YOU ALL TOTALLY MISSED THE POINT OF THE POST). It warmed the deep, and very cold cockles of my heart to realize that my happy news overshadowed the pictures of Agent Smith, Neo and Trinity. Which is ironic, because that's was sort of the point that my post was trying to make. So, maybe you guys did get something out of it.

On Wednesday I was talking to Rachel and she asked me very kindly to ask her questions that she could answer on her blog. At first I was asking questions that were a product of lingering hysteria, but then she asked me to be dignified and I couldn't exactly say no. I understand just how very important dignity is. But apparently I was a little confusing because she didn't understand what a writer's soul was, even though she answered the question admirably.

So what is a writer's soul? And how can a writer have both a soul and a writer's soul? To be honest, I have no clue. I was kind of spazzed and recovering from six days of studying for chemistry so I was spewing crack-tastic questions that would make Rachel think. But I'm going to attempt to answer it right now.


A writer's soul is what manifest's in your written word. It's what you put into your work; that piece of yourself that is so clearly you that when people read your work, they just know. You wrote it. No one else could have. It's that little bit of selfish oneness that every writer strives to imbue their characters and world with.

So, Rachel, I hope I answered that for you! And I hope it makes sense! What do you guys thinks constitutes a writer's soul? Was I completely off the mark or a little bit right?
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