Spring break. Beautiful, beautiful spring break. It's hear, with all the rain and the gloominess and the perfect, most awesome atmosphere to write in the whole. Entire. World. And I have made the ultimate, terrifying, absolute I'm-going-to-break promise that I'm going to finish The Scion this week. Because I have six glorious days left to write about twenty thousand words. And I'm going to do it. Really. I've done more in less time.

Also, I've realized that I've picked up some of my creative writing professor's hand movements when talking about plot movement and story structure. I don't know whether to be frightened that my mind is so easily impressed or to just shrug and continue with the cool hand movements.

Beta projects, I'm reading. Really. But, to my family, vacation = Sumayyah has nothing to do so lets make her do everything that we won't.

Yeah, the end of spring break is going to see a crazy, deranged college sophomore who wants to kill everyone. But my book will be finished.
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