1. Don't sleep in. You're waisting valuable time that you'll need to waste later.
  2. Do change out of your pajamas when you wake up. It keeps you feeling fresh and from smelling like monkey butt.
  3. Do sit at a desk when you're writing. Otherwise, you might fall asleep on your keyboard.
  4. Don't watch Psyche while writing. You end up watching Psyche and doing no writing.
  5. Don't watch TV. Period.
  6. Do feel free to stab people with pens if they won't leave you alone. They should understand - this is a time of madness.
  7. Don't daydream. It's all great to imagine getting a huge advance but that will never happen if you don't finish the book
  8. When you find your professor on twitter, do close the page and pretend it never happened. Stalking your teachers when they don't know it = horrible, horrible thing.
  9. Don't contemplate watching a movie. 
  10. Don't leave your room unless you need to eat or use the bathroom. 
  11. Do finish the God damned book. Or else this was all for nothing.
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