I haven't even taken an exam yet and I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do during break. I have three exams, and instead of taking notes from my very boring, very 'I was made to make you want to throw yourself off of a six story building' text book, I'm here. Blogging. Thinking about all the awesome things I plan to do with my break.

Well, really, there are only three things I want to do.

One: hang out with my family. I haven't seen my cousins in almost a year (I cannot believe it's been this long!) and I miss them and my aunt and uncle with a passion. We don't even refer to them as our cousins, they're my little brothers and my kid sister. We're so close that we randomly call each other (trust me, the only people I randomly call is my mom and sisters - if you're getting a phone call from me, I love you too much to explain). Getting to see them and hanging out with my mom and sisters is going to be the highlight of this break. Assuming we don't all kill each other first.

Two: write a novel. I will have nothing but time on my hands. What better way to utilize that time than to catch up on all the writing I've been missing. I'm hoping to have a fully flushed out idea by the time I get on the train Thursday morning. That nine hour train ride (please, someone, shoot me now) will be devoted to either ironing out the plot or starting off the writing. Maybe I'll have 10K by the end of the train ride? I've done more in less time. One can hope and pray, right?

Three: read. I've read next to nothing in the past four months. Do you know how starved my mind is for quality writing that isn't written by bigoted anthropology professors or dry logicians? Do you know what it's like to cram your mind full of facts that you don't care about at all instead of the wonderful prose that you know is waiting for you at the corner of 24th and K Sts. if you only had the time and energy?! It's like being told you're on death row and not knowing what day they're going to stick a needle in your arm. Anxious, painful, torture. So I plan on going to the local library down in Charlotte and loading up on a million and one books.

This is where you guys come in. What books are out right now that are fantabulous? What should I be reading? I have a partiality to  urban fantasy, dystopian, fantasy and science fiction, but I can be persuaded to read contemporary. Give me your best picks so that I'm never disappointed! :)
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