So break has officially started! Well, it started Tuesday evening, but I was passed out then and Wednesday was spent taking my (brand new) laptop to the shop because it was being funky. I spent all of Thursday on a train south to North Carolina. And here I am now, with my cousin playing the Sims 3 on one side and my sister passed out beside me (I suppose a trip to Chipotle and then Starbucks was exhausting?). And really, I don't think I could be much happier!

Thanks to everyone that gave me great book recommendations. Majority of them are on hold (the waiting lines are huge) but I'm planning on buying a few when the new term starts! I've brought done an entire cache of books with me, much to my aunt's chagrin and I've gotten through Strange Angels by Lilith Saint Crow and half of Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Expect reviews for both soon!

I think my laptop ending up in the shop (again - do you know how traumatizing it is to lose a laptop and then almost lose a second laptop in two weeks is?!). First, I wouldn't have studied as hard had my laptop been accessible to me as I have a horrible case of addiction when it comes to computers. Second, I wouldn't have this time to iron out several plots.

I'm so anxious to write, that I type up synopses, write out queries and then try to start writing that I miss all kinds of things. I realized, in the past couple of days, that my characters aren't fully rounded in my sort of WIP House of Shadows. And that Behzad could use some working on, as could a few of the substory lines that I have in there.

So what am I trying to say? Patience is a virtue. Writing is the best part of the collective process that turns out a complete novel. But if you jump write in you might find yourself with half finished stories, unbelievable or unengaging characters and so on. Wait. Be patient. Make sure that you've got everything you need in order. Prepare well. Then write. You'll have much fewer obstacles in the long run.

Also - will someone please explain to me what is up with the netbook keyboard?! It's like trying to type on a cell phone!
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