Firstly, Blogger should tell people that they have a new editor. I spent nearly an hour trying to make the old one work, only to realize it was obsolete. This was most upsetting. Secondly, I am still alive. I've just been preoccupied since school has just started, I'm meeting up with old friends, it's the month of Ramadhan and I'm trying to balance a life and an attempted career as a writer. This is not easy. As such, I haven't had much of a chance to read, write reviews or come up with an article to post for all you lovely persons. 
I have however, been editing The Pawn and coming up with new plots for new books to keep writing. Currently, I'm trying to figure out voice, conflict and plot for three new ideas that will all be HUGELY SEKRIT until I deem it an appropriate time to reveal them. I think I will even hold off on Teaser Tuesdays with these new TOP SEKRIT PROJECTS and stay away from Friday Night Writes unless it's editing The Pawn
Editing The Pawn has been going well. I've finished up revision notes on the first draft and am now working on the second draft. I'm hoping to have something ready to go out to betas by the end of September. I'm happy to announce that I don't have anything hugely wrong with the story, so there isn't going to be a massive rewrite. I have to tighten up the pacing, reorganize consistencies, unstickify the mythos and make sure everyone is doing what they want/need/are supposed to be doing. 
And during all of this, I shall try to work on one of my three TOP SEKRIT PROJECTS. :)
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