I will be the first one to admit my long and torrid affair with coffee. Despite the doctor telling me to layoff the caffeine, it could be the death of me, it has stunted my height and a number of other very depressing things, I can't seem to stay away. Something about it has always called to me. "Drink me," it says. "Just this once," it says. "We have delicious and tantalizing flavors," it says. And so I drink it. This morning, at 6:34am, however, I have no regrets. It is most necessary that I have coffee this morning as it's Ramadhan, I have an 8am class and won't be able to drink anything until 7:30 tonight. So, I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of my well being in order to stay awake through my 8am class and the work hours which have replaced my nap time.
I'm currently fiddling with the layout and seeing if I like this or if I'm going to switch back to my old one. This one has a bunch of widgets embedded in the code which is really annoying as I like to choose what widgets show up on my site and it's just much more complicated than it needs to be. It took me forever to figure out hot to get rid of the six ad boxes in the column over there. *points to sidebar* I'm not sure I like how it looks right now, but meh. If I end up hating it beyond all reason, I'll just delete it, plain and simple.
Editing goes slowly. SUPER SEKRIT PROJECTS are still in planning. And I need a shower and to slip into clean clothes so that I can be ready for class. Ta.
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