It's time for another book review! I've been planning to do it for a while, but the last couple of weeks have been filled with me obsessing over finishing the first draft of The Pawn. Also, I've just been lazy since school starts in three days and I have to pack, buy stuff and all around be an active person. But now, I'm back to blogging two or three times a week (hopefully). To celebrate this I've decided to review The Demon's Lexicon.

So when the book first came out there was all this hype surrounding it which made me want to look into it. Plus, Nick (the dude on the cover) is wearing cherry red lipstick. How could I possibly resist picking it up? And let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the least. The Demon's Lexicon, as Sarah Reese Brennan puts it, is about, "[W]ell, lots of things, but the book begins with sixteen year old Nick, who lives in Exeter with his brother Alan and his Mum – but not for long. They’ve been on the run from magicians their whole lives. Magicians are people with powers who increase those powers by summoning demons. In return, the demons get to wander the world controlling and possessing human beings. When Alan is marked for possession by a demon, the brothers have to stop running and try to hunt down the people who have always hunted them. Things are not made any easier by the arrival of two strangers, a girl called Mae who both the brothers have feelings for, and her brother Jamie who also bears a demon’s mark. (The moral of this story: Brothers. Nothing but trouble.)"

It's really a fantastic book, and the main character, Nick, is really yummyness personified. In fact, all of the leading men in this book were. Mai, the only female lead is endearing, lovable and easy to relate to , especially as a big sister. The world that Brennan creates leaps off of the page. There are no info dumps and I never felt like she hit me with too much information at once. It's revealed beautifully and the characters fit in right along with it.

Both the main story line and the small character conflicts that arise throughout the story are all riveting. As a testament to this, I read the entire book in one day. I sat down with it and didn't get up until it was done. Really, it was that good. Plus, there's a scene where Nick is wet, shirtless and wrestling with a wolf. Need I say more?

I have no complaints about The Demon's Lexicon and can't wait to read it's sequel!
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