World building and continuance


So I've finally finished rereading what I've written of The Pawn and now have four pages of notes of changes that need to be made. O.O I realized that I laxed on a bit of the world building and fluffed it a lot with narrative, so I'm going to spend Sunday working on that. Actually it's just one part of the world, but it's a very big part that sort of dictates the path of the book...yeah. That needs to be done ASAP. But since I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, and will be helping my mom out with stuff before that, I have to put it off until Sunday.

The world that makes up The Pawn has expanded since I started reread it though and I've come up with even more ideas for sequels and all that. I put the picture above up because I've been thinking about the design for The Isles of the Ancient (the Ancients are one of the primary races in the book). They have a home, an archipelago of islands off the coast of Africa hidden from human eyes. But I never really thought about it. The book is science fiction, but I haven't thought about how much science fiction I want to use. Ah well, that will be considered when I actually finish The Pawn since The Isles don't make an appearance until the second book.

*The picture above is credited to Alex Martinez of Deviantart. :)
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