Rereading and future rewrites

So my sister got her first piece of university paraphernalia! It's going to be so weird with both of us in college next year. The youngest one'll be the only one at home and in high school. My mom's freaking out a little because she could barely stomach one daughter being out in the big bad world. She doesn't know how she's going to deal with two. But she'll be fine. Parents always know how to deal, right?

The reread is making me realize how much narrative and unnecessary padding I put into the story during NaNoWriMo to reach the 50k mark. I was really worried because I've reached the halfway point and I hit 70k and there's no way I'll fit the rest of the story in 30k - 40k. I feel much more releaved now knowing that I'm going to be able to shave off a bunch of stuff without loosing the story. I'm also realizing that in the rush to reach that 50k mark I neglected to make sure all my information matched up. The story evolved halfway through and instead of going back and making the changes I just inserted the changed information where it changed and kept typing. Which is going to make my job harder when I go back for editing in August (optimistic edit time). -sigh- At least I got my groove back. The writing funk has officially disappeared. :)
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