I have suddenly come to realize why i feel so rusty when I write! I haven't read a decent book in almost a year! GASP.

Truth: if you want to become a better writer, you must read. It teaches you all sorts of things, from sentence structure, to dialogue to developing characters. In my opinion, its very hard to become a fantastic writer without a good background in reading. Lucky for everyone, its not very hard to acquire.

I checked out two books from the library about a week ago in the hopes to spark my reader's mind: Jane Eyre and City at the End of Time. I've been dying to read the first for as long as I can remember. Ever since the Jane Eyre movie debuted on PBS. I didn't actually get to watch the whole thing, but little I did see had my interest piqued for YEARS. And now I have it and will hopefully start reading it by Monday, when this damned scene chart is finished. And it will be. By tomorrow night.

And once its done, I'll get to move forward. To chapter twenty one! Yay!
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