Moving Forward, Stopping Time

Yesterday I went to bed thinking that my head would implode. There was just too much going on and not enough of it was about The Pawn (my work in progress) so I pretty much felt like a gigantic failure. The scene chart that I am writing to help me navigate the book was supposed to be done last night. I got to scene 158 out of an approximate 200. I was on 138 when I decided to finish it up and had to delete a bunch of scenes when I realized they were no longer feasible on Saturday. Last night, however, instead of writing more scenes and organizing my thoughts I decided to finish up the last season of Battlestar Galactica.

Can we say amazing? I finished it a few hours ago and I could not have asked for a better ending. The last few episodes introduced so many things and I was like 'There is no way they'll be able to wrap everything up.' But they did! In the most amazing way possible. There were no loose ends and every main character was taken care of with a suitable ending. And now that I've wrapped up that little bit of my life I might be able to focus on finishing this scene chart and pounding out a few chapters.

I've decided to put everything else that is going on in my not so exciting life so that I can focus on writing. (Note: nothing goes on in my life at this point, so I'm not really stopping anything.) Getting this book done by the end of August before I start my creative writing class in the fall is very important to me so that I can spend the fall semester editing it, deciding what needs to be added to it as a whole, what I should never have put in, etc. Then I'll be able to send it out to a few beta readers (I've already got one volunteer!) and then, depending on their responses, I'll be able to start querying like a mad woman. :)

And while the editing/betaing/etc is going on, I will (hopefully) start on my next project, The Mark.
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