half way point!

I realized that absolutely no one actually had wordpress and all my favorite bloggers that I've recently started following are all on blogspot. At first, I was bummed because I kind of hate blogspot's templates, but then I found btemplates.com! Which is where I found this little number :)

Anyway, I have finally reached chapter twenty! I am super excited because it doesn't mark the exact half way point, but it is pretty close. It's also very near the first major transititional point of the entire story. Right now, it's very important that I don't lose any of my momentum. It took me six months to turn out 70k words, and I only hope I can turn out so many words of equal or better quality before the end of the summer. If I can write 2k a day, or somewhere around that, I think I'll be good.

Considering that this is my first post, I don't think I have much to write. Its been so long since I've actually blogged, so forgive me if I'm a little rusty. :)
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