I'm pretty sure I've used that title before in a blog post not to far back, but I'm floating on a caffeine high and can't be bothered to care.*

So it's probably obvious that I haven't updated The Raven Desk in nearly six months (if not more), and for that I'm very, very sorry. There are two reasons The Raven Desk pretty much died in January: 1) I got sort of promoted in January (as in I was acting Higher Position until a qualified Higher Position could be hired) and 2) I had no idea what to do with the blog, how often to post, and what sort of content I consistently wanted to be posting. A lot of blogs have proven that they can be useful platforms for discussion, important discussions at that. And that's the sort of place I want The Raven Desk to be. I want to turn out quality posts that will generate discussion and debate (always respectful) and will make people think. But I  also want to post what you all want to read. So if you leave a comment (which would be great - I know how MIA I've been in the last few months on everyone elses' blogs) let me know what you want to hear and talk about. And how often? I know it sounds like I'm trying to get you guys to do all the work, but that's not true (except only a little).

So more excuses for why my blogging has been non-existent:
1) I applied to the BA/MA English program at my school and got in! I was ridiculously stressed from January until April wondering if I would make it past the committee. And then I did! I'm very excited and also incredibly daunted because I have to write a thesis. I was hoping to put that off until I started working on my PhD but - ah well!
2) Right around finals (and around the time my English professor mentioned that forking over $50k for a Masters in English was a dumb idea) I got offered a job in a graduate program at my school that would also cover tuition. It's also a full time job that I'll be balancing with my senior year. That social life that pretty much didn't exist in my junior year - yeah, I'm saying bye bye to it now.
3) I think I'm out of excuses?

EDIT: Apparently, I completely forgot the reason I chose to restart the blog. If you head over here you'll see some awesome and exciting news! The YA Highway ladies have invited me over to be a monthly contributor, along with a number of other amazing (and also intimidating) women!

So what have you guys been up to in the last six months? Any exciting news that I've missed out on? Also - thank you to all my new Twitter followers, and the blog followers that showed up during my unannounced hiatus!

*Or at least I was when I started this post on Saturday...
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