...over the past few days.

  1. Porn is not suitable for workshop. Especially not in the first person. How am I supposed to look at you?
  2. Once you get started on fanfiction it is like a fraking addiction. You can't stop. You know you have to or you'll fail all your classes, but you can't. You. Just. Can't.
  3. Characters all need to have a purpose. Alas, convenience does not qualify as a purpose.
  4. My professor is really, in fact, a fraking psycho. I'm a little fearful and resentful. Also, perhaps plotting rebellion.
  5. I'm incredibly protective of my things: namely, coffee. If you use it and finish it, you must replace it people. I AM NOT A COFFEE MONEY MAKING MACHINE, GUYS. I'M JUST NOT.
One day, I'll get back to real posting. As it is, please make do with the lists I come up with until the craziness that is my life stops being so crazy. Also, contest winners, I haven't forgotten about you! Things will be mailed out in short order, I promise. As soon as I get a moment to actually mail them out. 
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