So. *taps microphone*

It's no secret that I love the young adult writing and reading community. It's like the biggest un-secret that I have and I regularly encourage other people to make it their un-secret, too. The young adult community is one of the most supportive, loving and close knit places you will ever find. The people - both writers and readers - give, give, give. They're friendly, accessible, funny, and loving.

Which is why I hate it when people take advantage of the niceness there. I hate it when people forget that it - we - is made up of men and women and boys and girls that are kind and giving voluntarily. I hate it when people are mean or rude or mocking and pollute an environment that is the exact opposite.

Guys. Guys, we are all here because we love the same things: to write and to read. If someone offers to beta read for you, say 'thank you'. Even if you don't agree with their advice, don't throw the hard work and hours they've put into helping back in their face: say thank you for the effort. Don't put people on the spot by asking them favors in public places like forums or twitter. There's email, or IM or even DMs on Twitter. By asking them in a public place you're effectively taking away their ability to say no.

And don't - really, I can't emphasize this enough - knock an author, their work or their person. I'm not saying be nicey-nice and flowery and fake. Everyone has the right to point out flaws and say why something didn't agree with them or why they didn't like it. But be respectful. I once had a conversation with someone where they pointed out that the author of a work that they hated was fat. And they made it sound like it was a bad thing and affected the merit of their work.

Yeah. Because that impacts someone's ability to tell stories.

I know most everyone who reads this blog doesn't have this problem. You guys are smart, you're friendly, and you know what's what.

But spread the love around.
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