So today's my birthday. I'm twenty and maybe officially and adult. Probably (not) officially mature. Maybe officially 'old'.

Traditionally, you guys are supposed to give me a gift. Because it's my birthday. But I think that's kind of ridiculous. So I'm giving you a present. Or what I hope some of you might think of as a present.

If you keep up with me, you know I've been struggling (fighting) with two different stories and trying to organize my mind in a way that I can understand and function. And even before that I promised that I would show you guys a pretty little secret if I ever hit twenty pages on my current work in progress.

I haven't hit twenty pages, but I did break 5K which is kind of a big deal. The story is picking up and the words are flowing and I'm so excited about it now. Balance has been achieved. Stuff is happening. I've finally gotten past the awkward date stage and into the 'honey moon' stage. We'll see how long that lasts.

And I wanted to share it with you guys. Or what it's about - so that when Teaser Tuesday's start to pop up (and they should, I promise) you guys aren't completely lost.

So without further ado, I give to you the premise of EIDOLON:

In the 2058 every human mind is linked to the Network, a vast virtual space that shares information. 
Umeko is a No One; she has the ability to shed her own identity and download into any mind linked to the Network. But when she downloads into virtual space controlled by the viral program Dot9, she can’t get out. And she’s not the only one. Three others, part of a squad tasked with the job of eradicating Dot9, have been trapped with her. 
Now, the four of them must find a way to disable the Dot9 program before it spreads beyond the virtual space and takes over every mind in the Network. And before it infects them and assimilates them into its program.
 And with that is the cover that I made for it (and love so dearly). Staring at it makes me write, guys! So it's not just a cover. IT'S A MAGICAL COVER.

Also (and again) I wanted to thank all of you guys. For the birthday wishes, for the awesomeness, for the help and support. You guys are awesome, no joke. And I'm blessed to have met all of you. :)
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