So let me start off by saying that maybe my self imposed ban wasn't necessary. As I'm getting work done, commenting on blogs (if I haven't I'm sorry) and lurking around AW all while getting work accomplished. So, yeah. That's pretty much over. I'm here and what not.

So. If you're anybody that's anybody that's anybody, then you probably know about Sailor Moon. You know that it is fabulous and wonderful and made up of fantasmical moments that know no equal. And if you're on Twitter and doubly cool you know that somehow I managed to plant the idea in Margo's head to sit around and re-watch this fabulous show all day.

How, you  readers may ask, does this having anything to do with anything?

Be patient. I am about to tell you.

A few weeks ago, this person showed up at Absolute Write. She was happy and bubbly and really friendly and had me going 'Who is she? Also, how can I be like her?' She was Tahereh  and she was filled with love and sunshine. And a few days ago she wrote this amazing post about love and friendship and amazing awesomeness that pretty much made me want to weep with happiness.

I think, as adults, kind of adults, and people that generally want to live in the real world, we forget. We forget how amazing it is to believe in something as simple as love. And how this love - for life, writing, people, the world - can change everything. How it can make everything wonderful. How it can make roses bloom and birds sing and how it can make you happy.

And if you share that love? Do you guys know what can happen? The whole fraking world will explode in color. And Sailor Moon really gets at the heart of this. The entire show revolves on the power of love to change, and make things magnificent. And while it might be a bit of an oversimplification, I think that the real world sometimes forgets that at its heart, it's right. Love changes things. Love makes things better. Love is kind of really awesome.

So be Sailor Moon. Win love by daylight. Also, if you're cool, you'll remember this song.

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