I am a horrible, horrible person. Do you know why? Because, I am about to give you the tools that could possibly rip the world asunder. know...prevent you from completing that really important assignment that your entire grade depends on. And yet, I feel little remorse.

Twitter: Have you not seen the almightiness that is Twitter? Go. Go! It is the most awesome thing since connective tissue.
XKCD: A funny comic for those nerd and non-nerd alike. Also: stick figures. So you can't even be jealous.
Also, don't forget to hover over the pictures. There are super cool messages (or not).
PhD Comics: Do you want to be a grad student when you grow up? Do you imagine having that prestigious 'Dr.' before your last name? Do you imagine that you will be lecturing students who hang over your every word? If so - don't read this. It will shatter your dreams and terrify you out of ever wanting to apply to graduate school (unless you're a masochist, like me). 

Seriously. This is me in the future. Yoda + PhD? AWESOME.
Youtube is also a great help in allowing you to procrastinate. There are all sorts of yum. Like what? you may ask. You must discover that yourself. I leave you with the song that has been filling my life lately:

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