So. I have been...scarce. I have been....lax. I have been....abducted by the raptors (of school and life). Also, if that picture doesn't strike fear into your heart, rest assured that this means you have none. Even as Neo, I am terrified by the raptor.

Anyway, the point. I am hoping and praying that I'm going to catch a break in the weeks leading up to finals. But, as that may be a little unlikely to wish for, I'm letting you guys know. Comments? May not happen. Posts on AbsoluteWrite? They might disappear. Blog posts and general tomfoolery? That might stop altogether.

Yes. I'm weeping, too.

But I promise, come May 11, I will be back in full force.

I leave you with this raptor. And my hope that the Force will always be with you.
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