I want to preface this with: I DO NOT HATE VALENTINE'S DAY. Though, Lord knows I should considering I haven't had a reason to remember Valentine's Day these past nineteen years. Most years, I've been able to forget that Valentine's Day was even around, despite the media's unrelenting marketing of the holiday.

 I hate this marketing. Because it makes most girls forget that love is not just found in that significant other. Most of us are blessed enough to have friends and family on that day, too. And if you don't have that 'special someone' (also note that I hate this term) then you have so many other people to love and be loved by in turn.

And you should appreciate and rejoice in that. Because, guess what? That guy you're sleeping with? Or that person that's buying you flowers? They might leave. But your sisters and your brothers and mom and dad and best friends? They're going to stay with you and hold your hand and rock you to sleep even if the sky is falling. That's right. Even if the mother frakking sky is falling down around your head, your sister is going to be running and screaming right next to you.

Could you ask for more than that?

You could. But if you don't get it, it's really not the end of the world. Because you're you, whole by yourself. You don't need another half because that would make you 3/2 and that's weird. 

Anyway, the point of this post was to show a video that always makes me laugh and cackle madly on Valentine's Day. But all that other stuff that I said? Remember it. And happy Valentine's Day!

Cupid's Last Stand from Katy Towell on Vimeo.
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