I wasn't planning on posting today, seeing as how I posted yesterday on Valentine's Day and my opinion, etc. But, the lovely Becca has given me the ILYCYAAYB Award (I Love You Cause You're Awesome and You Blog) and as such, I must pass it on to six others.

This is my first award, and I am very, very appreciative and flattered that I got it. :D The rules are this (taken from Becca's blog):

I hereby declare it shall be awarded to 5 people who I love 'cause they're awesome and they blog. And then, ideally, those 5 people are free to and encouraged to give it to 5 people they each love 'cause they're awesome and they blog, and so on and so forth, forming a big web of luvvles and fuzziness in the blogosphere.

So, without further ado, I award the ILYCYAAYB to: *drum roll*

Veronica: Vee's sort of a genius, and amazing at being a genius. She's also super sweet and nice and kind of who I want to be when I grow up.
Margo: Margo is honest and awesome. She also runs that hilariously awesome blog, Why is this popular?. If you haven't read it yet, you should!
Ink: Ink is really kind of spectacular. She has some of the most amazing and beautiful prose I've ever read. Seriously - she makes me want to cry with her awesomeness. 'Tis awesome.
Jade: Jade's writing is dark and amazing and really, how could you ask for more? Also, whenever she reads my writing, she always makes me make sure that I know it can be better.
Karla: Karla is one of the sweetest people that I have ever met. Her romance is heart felt and sweet and she's going big places, fast.

This list would have been way longer except Becca stole half of it and put it on her blog and I'm limited to five. So just know that I pretty much love everyone that I know and treat well. Really.

Also - even though this is completely unrelated - I'm thinking of starting an online crit group. If you're looking for one, or know someone that is, email me or leave a comment here! My email's in the sidebar. Happy Valentine's Day!
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