Yes, yes it is. I have a ton of food (peanut butter, bread, milk, cheese, pasta, ice cream, everything guys!), two of my best girl friends, and the DVD set for Friends, season 5. We're expecting thirty inches (even though some people are skeptical) and even though it isn't sticking yet, I can say with absolute certainty that I am prepared (and yes Mom, I do have batteries and a radio, just in case).

Because of this, I'm going to have time on my hands, because I will not be out and about socializing in the city. Lots of time. For this reason, I plan to blog and plan blogs and simply carouse all about the inter-webz. I will be doing character advice columns this week (Kara Thrace from BSG will be guest posting, as well as Chandler - assuming he doesn't chicken out). If you guys want to hear specific things from me, have questions that you want me to answer, or any such thing, let me know in comments!

ALSO: what do you think of vlogs? They are popping up everywhere. But no one really wants to hear my voice or see my face...maybe a podcast? Again - let me know! And I leave with you the ageless Frank Sinatra!

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