So far the snowpocalypse has not disappointed. We've gotten eighteen inches of snow! It's like a freakin' playground outside - WE CAN WALK DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET WITHOUT FEAR. The BFFLs and I trekked through the storm to absorb all it's silvery beauty and pretend that we were off to find the Promised Land (i.e. Kogan Plaza which was gorgeous). We threw snow, jumped in snow and generally frolicked in the cold weather. Also - I built a boobilicious, pregnant snow woman. She, if I may say so myself, will attract all the lonely snow men with her luscious curves and come hither smile.

I also found out that I live right next to the lamp post that leads to the magical world of Narnia (see tweet here).

Also (yes, I use 'also' a lot - see, I did it again) I've been invited to vlog with a couple of writerly friends and it looks like fun but I don't know and really, I just need you all's advice. Because I have no clue and I'm thinking about podcasting once a month because, honestly? Who wants to hear my voice and see my face every week? Not even me.

Kara Thrace will be guest posting tomorrow (or so the plan goes) and if you don't know who that is you've been living in a dark, dark hole and really, I don't want to speak to you. Google her. Right. Now. Until tomorrow.

Also - pictures of the amazing and awe inspiring snowpocalypse will be up tomorrow.
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