Who is this lady that is not you? you all may ask. That is Monica Geller. And she has a message for all you college writers that are returning to school. She knows that you have your time cut out for you. You're probably taking four (or five, if you're really insane) classes. You might have a job that sucks ten hours out of your week. If you're really cool, you probably have to go to the gym at least once a week. Then there's friends (please, tell us who invented them?). And papers. And studying. And of course, your highest priority, the writing.

But how do you plan on balancing such a hectic lifestyle. How will you do all of that, sleep, eat and keep a tight grip (or loose, your choice, really) on your sanity.

Monica Geller is here to solve your problems with a simple suggestion. PLAN. Preferably with a color coded schedule that works in bathroom breaks, snack breaks and eating times (sleep is flexible). Because if you do not plan, at least a little, you will never have time to do anything of value or merit. Your life will be one huge mess after another  and you will never get anywhere.

So Monica Geller implores you to plan. Schedule. Have a vague idea of what your day is going to be like. Or all is lost. Really.

Now I want to remind of The Raven Desk's first contest ever! Head here to check it out and enter. My good friend Race is hosting a book giveaway of Jennifer Hubbard's The Secret Year. Go here to check it out. And finally, my other good friend (I have lots of good friends) Lia is accepting submissions for The Hatbox here. It's super cool, so check it out.

On Wednesday I'm posting the first of my interview series. Look forward to it, because I know some pretty cool writers that will be BIG one day. For serious. Until then! :)
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