So I have a little confession...I thought (up until four o'clock pm yesterday) that yesterday was January first and that two nights ago was the night filled with much revelry and celebration. Yes. Fail. Big fail. Epic fail. ULTIMATE fail, if you will. And then I started seeing 'Happy New Year' everywhere, and checked my laptops nifty calendar function in the task bar. This was me -> O.O' 

But, now that my head is on straight and I know that today is in fact, New Years and that I have only just entered the new year, I have a surprise. For you. Yes.

My first ever CONTEST! Yayyy! :D I actually didn't think I'd ever be able to do one of these until I graduated from college or books started appearing on my bookshelf by some form of uber-cool magic. Then I realized, I don't just have to give out books. I can give out book covers! I got such great responses to the cover of The Scion and wondered if anyone else would like their very own book cover to stare at for inspiration.

But wait! There's more!

I've been designing web graphics since forever (well, since I was 12) and I like to think I'm decent enough at it. So, not only am I willing to design a cover for two (yes! two!) lucky people, I'm also willing to design a blog header, like this (but different - every blog is different) for a lucky person. I can even help you out (html wise) with putting it up on your blog (or so goes the theory).

What do you have to do?

Fill out the form below and advertise the contest. The more you advertise the more entries you get. Behold:

The Uber Magical and Super Cool Tally Sheet (aka The Point System)

  • Old Follower - +2
  • New Follower +1
  • Twitter Follower +1
  • Twitter Post +1
  • Link (sidebar of blog) +2
  • Blog Post (just a mention is fine) +4
  • Comment on Post +1
FIRST PLACE WINNER:  A book cover (designed by me) and a shiny blog header
SECOND PLACE WINNER: Either a book cover or a shiny blog header
Contest is open to all applicants. Contest closes January 17, 2010 12:00AM EST.

Example of cover work here, here, and here

So go forth and enter! Happy new year!

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