My work in progress is giving me trouble. Or rather, I am giving it trouble. Because it's very clear to me where it needs to go, how it needs to go and why it needs to go in that direction. But my mind is having a lot of trouble pulling out the words necessary to make this happen. I'm also having doubts about  a character, and whether or not they're being written well enough to pop off of a page. And I won't know until the book is done and it's off to betas. (By February, hopefully *prays really really hard*)

Anyway, this break I read more than I've read all semester. I read good books, I read bad books and I read 'eh' books. But one thing I've noticed about myself while reading these books - I keep paying attention to structure. Not just world building structure, but story arc structure. This event means that this event happens which means that this event will happen.

It has given me a headache. All I can think about is structure and characters and writing. And its making my head want to explode. I desperately want the days when I could read and not wonder about the writing process of the book to come back. Because though reading and writing are two things that are very much intertwined, I would very much like them to be separate sometimes. I feel like a scientist who can't enjoy Star Wars because I know that none of it will never happen (or is highly unlikely).

So today's advice: when reading, try to forget about the writing involved, and just enjoy. Otherwise, your head may explode.

Don't forget about the book cover and blog header contest here!! Also, look forward to the first in an interview series with amazing writers! Really - they're fantastic and you'll love them just as much as I do!
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