Long Time

I did the Tuesday Teaser today, but I wanted to blog since I didn't get a chance to all weekend. Speaking of the weekend, it was INCREDIBLE. My sister and I volunteered at ISNA, a conference in DC and we had such an amazing time. We got to hang out with all of our friends, meet people and reconnect with people that we hadn't seen in five or six years! Eye Candy was rampant, fun abounded, and it was over all pretty great. Yes, it was. Naturally, as it was July 4th weekend in DC the crazies came out. White supremacists (complete with microphone and sandwich board) came out to protest against Islam (it was an Islamic conference), con men and women came out to steal our money and missionaries stood outside the convention center trying to convert us to all sorts of religions (they even had pamphlets in Arabic). Me and my sister are going to go again, next year, inshallah. It'll be in Chicago, but we're determined to save up the money for it. :)

As far as writing goes, I'm doing well. I didn't get much writing done during the weekend (I was at the conference from 9am to 9pm both days) but I'm trying to get caught up. I've been doing 1k a day, and hopefully I'll be able to make up the 2k that I missed over the weekend. I've got to close this last section before I can start the Dark Years section. I'm so excited, but I keep avoiding the scenes that I need to write because they're so intense. I think what I need to do is when ever the scenes start to scare me is put on good, angry music and write them anyway. And when ever I want to cut a scene to take a break and then come back. I really want to get to the Dark Years, but not at the expense of this section.

I'm still job hunting, but I've got two prospects that look good. Hopefully, I'll have something before the end of the month. I need to save up money to buy textbooks. I don't want my mom spending money on something that I had covered last semester.

AGHH! I can not believe I'm about to hit 89k in The Pawn. It's insane. -flails- Okay, I need to write. Ciao!

*The photograph above belongs to brocantegirl from flikr. It's lovely, isn't it?*
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