Location, location, location


Isn't that just beautiful? Can you believe that it's in a desert in Tunisia? I googled 'Oasis in Tunisia' and got the most stunning pictures! When I picture desert I think a small pond-ish body of water (or possibly no pond at all, maybe a well...), a few palm trees and a village built around it. Beautiful waterfalls, flowing water and wonderful rock formations never even entered my mind when considering how to imagine an oasis. This particular beauty is from a small village in the mountains of Tunisia (I didn't even know oasis could exist in mountains!) called Chebika. It has a population of a few hundred people.

Why am I looking at pictures of oases? Because, I need it for a little world-building for the next part of my book (which I'm supposed to be working on right now! eep!). Behzad and company go to vacation at an oasis in Tunisia, which in turn leads to much craziness and pain. But, I wanted the setting to be real, and to base my oasis off of an existing one. Chebika seems like the perfect place!

Now, to write this segment...
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