Keeping Your Chin Up

Like everybody, I have those days where I think to myself, "What if its not good enough, what if it never gets done, what if nobody likes it?!?!?! OMG OH NOOOOEESSSS!!!!"

Then I read stuff like this and I have faith in the world again:

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I just got off the phone with her......holy crap you guys I GOT A FREAKIN' AGENT!!! Oh man I'm seriously like losing my mind screaming and dancing around and everything. One thing I can say with full confidence is that this would have NEVER happened if it weren't for the people at AW. I honestly can't say it enough how thankful I am for this amazing fucking website.

I was not expecting for her to call so soon after I sent my number... turns out she just checked her email ten mins after I sent it...but what's even more mindblowing to me is that I sent the query on Monday night! (It's the same Thursday now for anyone who reads this in the future.) The full was requested Tuesday morning. I was expecting to be abusing my email every ten seconds for the next two weeks...I can't believe it. I have opened like 60 rejections so I was so so so used to just reading the same thing...and FINALLY came a yes...

I don't even care that I had to fight vomiting through the entire convo (Literally... I'm three months preggo LOL!). That was the most exciting and surreal phone calls ever!

If you write and have never been to Absolute Write Water Cooler, GO! Its an amazing place, with amazing people, amazing tips and will only benefit you.


Hope is good.
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