I...have avoided writing this post. I know. It's completely weird! I've been secretly composing this post in my head for the last three years, ever since I started taking this writing thing seriously, and I always knew it would be long and contain so much thanks and gratitude and excitement. I think, though, at some point I stopped believing I'd get to write it. I mean, I'm writing it now and my thoughts sound something like is this actually happening? Is this post actually getting written?

But apparently it is. So.

I keep staring at that little blurb thinking, that's me, that's my book, that's my editor and agent and it all means I have a book that will be on shelves! And the list of people I have to thank for this is so long. Joan, my agent, for taking me on as a client and then believing on me when we went on sub. Julie for seeing something in my manuscript and taking it on. My sisters who made me promise them pets when I signed with Joan and when I didn't deliver, told me I would have to get one when I got a deal (I will, I promise! There will be a cat at chez Daud eventually!). All my beta readers, and the YAH girls and everyone who listened to me cry and be crazy.

I'm so, so blessed in this and I'm still reeling. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and congratulations -- thank you guys so much! And I'll let you know when this finally sinks in!
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