Strangely enough (or perhaps not so strange) this is the year I've been both recommending and loaning out books the most to my friends, which makes writing this list pretty easy! So my most recommended books for 2011 have been:

5) A Hundred Thousand Kingdoms: I actually loaned my copy of this book out (and still haven't gotten it back, for shame), but barring A Song of Ice and Fire, this series has been my favorite. It's complex, brilliant, and not at all what you'd expect from a fantasy series. The cast is diverse in the best possible way and I love this series enough to reread it, which I never ever do.
4) A Song of Ice and Fire: You may or may not have noticed I kind of have a George Martin situation. I also seem to enjoy getting my heart ripped out of my chest repeatedly. And sharing that feeling with all my friends. Martin's work definitely has problems, but there's also a lot of brilliance  and it's the brilliance that has me shoving both the book and the show (which, guys, littered with issues) onto my friends.
3) The Hunger Games: I read The Hunger Games trilogy the weekend Mockingjay came out, and with the trailer out just this past month, have had the very lovely opportunity to push it on my friends. I have lent my lovely, autographed hardcovers out to friends so they can enjoy and weep over Finnick and Annie.
2) Jellicoe Road: I read this book at the very end of 2010 and haven't been able to stop recommending it since.
1) Anna and the French Kiss: So I may have ended up starting a St. Claire's club. And that club may be heading to Paris this summer. Because, well, that's just what you do when you fall in love with Etienne. I've loaned this book out this year more times than I can count, and without fail, every single person has loved it. Because this book is the best book.

What have your most recommended books this year been? And don't forget to check out the rest of the circus!

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