With yesterday being the first day of Ramadhan, my very shiny revision letter in hand, and August being the month the program that I work for officially opens, you can understand how I'm freaking out, just a teeny tiny bit. I'm going to be fasting 14 hours a day, running around crazy like trying to make sure all the things that we need to be done are done, and trying to break down a book I haven't looked at in over two months so that I can build it back up again.

Yesterday I stared at my laptop and basically shut down. This, my friends, is not the way to handle pressure. Not even a little bit. I am still trying to figure out a way to actually handle said pressure. For example, I meant to post this yesterday, but forgot because by 2pm I'd been caught by a caffeine headache. I will try to be more regular and handle the pressures August is throwing at me with more dignity. Until then, I leave you with this very lovely picture.

How are you all coping with the summer heat and end of summer stress?
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