1) Don't get out of your pajamas and offend your family with your presence for at one day.

2) Drink your morning coffee out of a porcelain mug and teach your sisters what it means to start the day right aka with coffee.

3) Take long walks with your sister around the neighborhood and discuss the future.

4) Watch all the seasons of Friends at your disposal. Then go back and watch them again with your mom and sisters.

5) Watch Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at 1am and realize that Yoda, after 30 years alone on Dagobah is fracking crazy and not at all the Zen Jedi master you learn to love in episodes 1 - 3.

6) Read, read, read until you can't anymore aka never stop. Realize that you may never measure up and move on.

7) Indulge in all the fanfiction you've been avoiding to finish up your book for hours. This is the best type of guilty pleasure.

8) Flip through your moleskine notebook and realize it's not over, it'll never be over.

9)Sit at the dining room table with your aunt and discuss the difference between coffee connoisseurs and coffee drinkers - determine that your mother is a coffee drinker and mourn the fate of her taste buds.

10) Relax. Seriously. The beta comments will show up eventually. School will start soon. Revel in these last days. 
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