1) Junk food. This is your best friend. Cheez-Its, pretzels, chips, cookies, chocolate chips- these will make that final stretch before break bearable. Even a ten page paper seems doable when you have a bowl of cheez-its and a bottle of gatorade.
2) Advil: Finals will give you headaches. Those eight papers, two finals, and one oral exam you've got? They're going to make you want to bash your skull in against your keyboard. Do it. And then take Advil.
3) Quiet: If you're the type that gets roped into studying with friends or your campus doesn't have a quiet zone, invest in a pair of a) ear plugs or b) over the ear headphones that will muffle or (better yet) block out the sound around you. Some people like working to music, and the headphones are a good investment for when you're not cramming to save your life and writing to keep living.
4) Specialized Mug: It will be a light for you when all other lights go out. But seriously, looking at a mug that you (or someone special) picked out for you for sentimental reasons will be a small and tiny bright spot in a very dark couple of weeks.
5) Coffee: Looking into an empty coffee mug is no fun. Never be afraid to splurge on tastey coffee and creamers. Make your caffeine cabinet shine. It will make the remaining weeks of finals and papers fly by. Everything is more fun on a caffeine high.
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