How you know when wonderful things are happening:
  1. When you're writing regularly.
  2. When you're not afraid of writing regularly.
  3. When you're trying something new with you're writing.
  4. Where things happen to come together without a mother effing outline (I KNOW GUYS I'M JUST AS SHOCKED AS YOU WHATTT??)
  5. When Tumblr and fanfiction are not enough to pull you out of that chapter you're writing because it is going so well.
  6. When you have four types of coffee creamer, three types of coffee (TWO OF WHICH ARE GODIVA OMG) and a bottle of coffee flavoring syrup (vanilla).
  7. When your roommates partake in your coffee addiction and recognize it for its wonder
  8. When great things happen in life.
  9. When great things happen to friends.
  10. When that apple danish isn't finished but it's all yours.
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