So Ramadhan is nearly over and I can hardly believe it! By next Saturday, fasting will be done, Taraweeh prayers will be over and I will have my sweet, wonderful coffee back at 9am every morning and 2pm every afternoon. It has been a productive month in many ways and I've learned a few things. I will share these things with you.

  1. If you know you need coffee to run on a full day, go to sleep at midnight (NO LATER!) and drink coffee at 4:30am (when you have to wake up for one of two meals you're getting that day). Otherwise, withdrawal symptoms will appear and you will suffer. A lot. 
  2. Eat filling breakfasts. Note: filling and big are not the same. Oatmeal is good for tiding a person over the sixteen hours that you will be without food (and coffee).
  3. If you know that you will be hungry by 2pm and you want to get writing done that day, write in the morning. Especially if you're a desk monkey with nothing to do except play Adventure Time games and watching The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack on your laptop. (Yes. I know. My life is sad.)
  4. You can't think on an empty stomach that wants to eat you. It's. Not. Possible.
  5. Seriously, though - write in the morning. You have to sleep early so that you can get up to eat at 4:30am. And you can't write between Taraweeh (that ends at 11) and midnight. Plus there's school. This is really in your best interest. 
What - if anything - have you learned in the past month (doesn't have to be Ramadhan related!)? 
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