So, about two weeks ago, my week of rage started and ended. I decided to let the blog cool off for a week before getting back to posting regularly, only to realize that...school is right around the corner. And this is my first official semester as an English Literature and Women Studies major. I'm excited and terrified because all my classes are essay heavy and I'm working twenty hours a week.

My life? I might have to say good bye to that. (Not that I really had one to begin with, but yeah.)

So. I don't like imbuing the blog with so much rage. Because even though it's my blog and kind of like my home in the internets (lets refer to it as my sekrit lair) ultimately, I want this place to be for your guys: to provoke discussion and thinking about the things of the world (most specifically, the YA Lit world). I want it to be a safe happy place where people can say things that agree or disagree with what I think.

What does that have to do with you guys? I want to know what you guys want to talk about. What discussions do you want me to start or get involved in? What sort of things would you like to see. I've got a backlog of interviews that I'm going to post up, and I used to do television character articles, and then there's my ranting (the intelligent and not so intelligent). So tell me what you want. I aim to please.
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