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House keeping things first: I will be posting both the contest and one other post next week. My sister moves in to her dorm next weekend and I'm moving in to my room the Wednesday after that, after which I'm going to at a retreat and helping university move in until Saturday, the 28th. I will try to schedule a few posts during that time, but knowing me there'll be no need. For some reason my blog gears start turning when I have no time. (And yes, I am preparing you for both abandonment and a surge of love at the same time.)

In February I wrote a post about lurking and why you shouldn't do it. More than six months after that post and I find myself still doing the same thing.

By nature, I'm a quiet person. I like to listen and let the other person in the conversation do all the work. Unless I'm in a group setting where I know more than one person, I watch instead of talk. This tendency translates onto Twitter and writing forums. On Twitter I watch people @ each other and make statements. Unless I feel incredibly comfortable a person, I won't comment or join in on conversations. On forums I'm content to let conversation swim around me unless I feel compelled to make a comment. I have close to 100 blogs on my Google reader and nearly 200 people that I follow on Twitter. I comment and @ only a handful of them and most times, because they've contacted me first.

And I know I'm not the only one (right?!).

So I propose a challenge. All of us (and I know it isn't just me. Right!?) that lurk regularly on blogs and forums and Twitter: let's delurk. Let's make an effort to start commenting on blogs that we read and @ing people that we follow on Twitter. Let's join conversations and make conversation and creep out of our shells (in a non creepy way)!

And  during the week of Valentine's Day 2011, we'll write posts about the new people we've met that we've liked and loved because of this challenge. So join me! And tell me - what wonderful people have you met because you took that step forward?

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