I've been meaning to post something to the blog since Sunday, but recovery has taken longer than I thought. In fact, I don't think I've quite recovered from ALA 2010. The pain from my shoulders from lugging around galleys has descended to my hips. I am doing nothing this weekend aside from languishing in bed all day and typing on my laptop (in bed). NO ONE WILL FORCE ME TO WORK.

But. I have a post for you. On things you should know (that I learned) when going to conferences where there are galleys to snag. And it begins thus:


1) Come with many bags. Even if you're only going to fill two bag fulls, come with four. This way, you can evenly distribute the weight and your shoulders won't torture you for the next week. Also. One of those bags must be a backpack. Again, this goes to evenly distributing the weight. (I didn't learn this until day two.)

2) Are you a blogger? Tell people that. (Only if it's true. They're going to ask for your web address.) Seriously, young adult publishers love us. They love that we keep up with them, that we advocate for their books, that we're coming to conferences for books that we're excited about. Also. It helps not to look at their name tags. Words like 'editor', 'marketing executive' and 'publicist' are liable to terrify you. (Or me. Maybe just me.)

3) Carry around business cards. I cannot stress this enough. If you start up a conversation with someone and they're more interested in you, they will ask for a business card. Humiliation abounds when you have to say 'No. But I have a post-it note.' v.v

4) Booths usually only display a certain amount of galleys at a time, but if you ask about a certain book, nine times out of ten, they'll be happy to give it to you (assuming they have many galleys and aren't reserving them for something, like an author signing). Don't be shy. They didn't bring the galleys to take up space under tables.

5) Be prepared to be constantly blown away by the amazing, kind, refreshing and talented people you will meet. Also. Don't forget to take pictures with your favorite authors (I can't believe I didn't get a picture with Melissa Marr). It will haunt you forever.
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