...via cellphone pictures. 

We start off bright eyed sophomores, despite the general sketchyness of our street.

We are then hit by the biggest blizzard in thirty years. We hole up together. For a week. No one dies. 

The weather clears (a lot) and we go do things in the sunshine. It's exciting. Can't you see how excited our shadows are?
I am attacked by ducks. In my own home. But I survive. I always survive.
We have epic sleepovers. These include mashing together mattresses on the floor and staying up until 4am watching Hindi movies. 
In these epic sleepovers, I become a purple genie pirate. That needs caffeine. Also - I have cool boots with beads on them. 
Birthdays. With sparkling, relighting candles. We nearly set Asma's bed on fire. But don't tell her that. She doesn't know how close she came to losing that comfy red cover. 
My desk, a reflection of my life, explodes. Also, I get awesome gift from TH Mafi.
Kate does a rain dance for me and I get rain. For .5 seconds. And then it clears up and I curse the world. This was my hermit stage.
The ducks stalk me to the Kennedy Center. I had a fit. THEY ARE ALWAYS WATCHING ME. 
I buy soup that I can't finish. Ever. No really. It's a vat of never ending soup.
There are lists. And pills. 
There are study sessions in the Minerva room. We kind of broke in. But not really. They left the back door open. 
There is motivation via caffeine and chocolate. 
There are If I had a Twitter Board's. 
Homages are paid to Star Wars day. Business School graduate students are much amused by the two Muslim girls sitting beside the Storm Trooper mask on the board. Don't worry guys. We're amused, too.
I think this might speak for itself. Finals. Someone lost a shoe. I happen to know said someone. 'Nuff said.
She wrote me a love letter. I'm a little disturbed that she called me cute. But whatever. It's the only love letter I'm going to get for a long, long time. 
We pack. 
We leave. 
Good bye GW for another four months. (Even though I'm going to see you all summer because I'm working there. I don't know what madness possessed me to do this. But I am. So good bye for a week?)
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