You know you're crazy if:
1) It's finals time and you're busy trying to do revisions instead of those reader's responses that are due tomorrow morning.
2) It's finals time and you're trying to piece together a plot that actually makes sense for your next book. 
3) It's finals time and you're running around trying to secure a job, volunteer opportunities and planning on sacrificing sleep in order to get it all done.
4) It's finals time and you're screaming at your computer repeatedly because it won't regurgitate  the proper code and is basically making you want to stick a straw in your eye.
5) It's finals time. 'Nuff said.

I know I've been really bad about commenting on everyone's blogs. But I promise once school wraps up all tidy-like that I'll be back and spamming you guys like crazy. You'll wish I were back in finals time. :)
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