If you know me over at Absolute Write, you know that I am a notorious lurker. In fact, I am the Queen of Lurkdom. I have a super sparkle crown, a scepter of awesome lurkerness and a cape that trails out behind me, festooned in awesome lurkiness. I delurk only when I feel that my opinion is warranted, then return to my kingdom of Lurk rather quickly unless I am dragged into a thread kicking and screaming.

This, my dear friends, is not the worst of it. Trust me. I used to be way worse. I used to never delurk. I'd just skulk in the halls of the interwebs and watch as all the other people frolicked and made merry over forums and networking sites.

Guys. Don't be like me. New me or old me. Because both me's are missing out on so much.

You get to live in the age of the internet. You get agents twittering (and oh my God, that's a verb that Chrome recognizes!) and blogging, you have authors and writers and publishing houses opening up and telling you "This is how you can get invited to our super secret club!" And you have amazing people just like you who want to help you out, who want to make you a better writer, who want to see you succeed! Why should you pass that up for a sparkly crown in Lurkdom?

Exactly. You shouldn't.  There are so many opportunities out there for you. And so very many wonderful people that you can meet. Don't be interweb shy. Grab life by the horns! Live a little. Network. ;)
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