So I've been promising to post up a summary of The Scion forever and ever and never got around to it. Until now. I actually dug up my pre-NaNoWriMo query, tweaked it (with help from the amazing Steph) and voila, I have a summary! So for all you wonderful people who left such nice, encouraging comments on Friday Night Writes and Teaser Tuesdays, here is The Scion (in summary): 

Sixteen year old Behzad is many things—heir to the king of the Ancients, alcoholic, and kidnap victim. But the one thing she has never been is human. She’s doesn’t blend in with her human peers. When she reunites with her father after spending four years with her kidnappers, she fails to fit in with her own kind.

Alone, except for her two adoptive human brothers, she struggles to come to terms and accept a normal life. But when she starts seeing a man out of the corner of her eye and her dizziness becomes increasingly frequent and painful she realizes that might be impossible. And when she is ripped out of the human world and into the Divide, she is certain.

Now she must make a a choice: do as the Ancients charge her and fight to end an eternity old war or continue to seek normalcy.
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