Say hello to Ross Geller. He has been married three times, has had two children by two different women and has a divorce attorney on retainer. Some would say that Ross has a problem committing and others that he commits too easily. Either way - we all know. There is something wrong with Ross.

Or is there? Be honest with yourself. You, dear friend, are just like Dr. Geller. Yes. Try to deny it as much as you like, but we all know. You know. You either commit to easily and get out, or you cannot commit at all. If not now, then then, and if not then, then sometime in the future. And I'm not talking about women or men. I'm talking about them: shiny new ideas.

We all have them. We love them. They're like a writer's fountain of eternal youth. But sometimes, we jump in too fast (example: Emily. Two weeks, Ross? TWO WEEKS?!). Then we end up writing down another story's name in the outline and things just spin out of control. The first story is irreconcilable and your relationship falls apart and everything is just terrible. 

Or, the story isn't exactly what we thought it was (example: Carol). This is easier to deal with, because usually the problem is remediable. Even if the remedy is another story. Because, really, can you wallow in self pity, giving 'hi's' that make Joey want to shoot himself? Can you? 

And then of course, a story refuses to cooperate, you go on a break and you start something new. The original story is heart broken, angry, and can't look at you. Drama ensues. You might be able to repair the damage. Maybe. After seven years. (Rachel). 

So the lesson? Think. Mull. Consider. Make informed decisions. Don't be Ross. Please don't be Ross. Because as much as we love Ross, we all know, there is something wrong with him. Or his karma.
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