Today, I thought it'd be fun to do the YA HIGHWAY ROAD TRIP even though it was supposed to be on Wednesday. This weeks Road Trip question is: Who is your literary crush?  
1. Peter Pevensie
Peter Pevensie might not have been the first character I fell in love with, but he's definitely the first one that I remember. Peter was not only good, kind and really cool, he was a king. And he was unattached! So rare in young adult fiction. He was my favorite character (him and Lucy, both) to read about because (to me at least) he represented everything that I wanted. Protection, strength, goodness and fairness. And it didn't hurt that Lewis exalted these qualities in later books since he was the High King of Narnia.

2. Legolas Greenleaf
I actually fell in love with Legolas when I saw his portrayal by Orlando Bloom. Prior to the release of the movies, I hadn't read the books and though Legolas wasn't the reason I began reading them (Peter Jackson and his genius was) he certainly made the experience more enjoyable. He wouldn't want an Elvish prince, right?

3. Rand al'Thor
Rand is the lead character in the epic fantasy series Wheel of Time. I loved him from the very start, and watching him change and grow to become The Dragon Reborn and try to bring order to his world and personal life was a wonder. He cares about the people about him passionately and is willing to do what he must to keep them safe. He also has a habit of attracting strong, powerful women, haha. 

4. Mat Cauthon

Mat is a secondary character in the Wheel of Time series and one of Rand's best friends. He really wants nothing to do with the mountain of conflict that follows his best friend but becomes a major player. He's a joker and a gambler and accidentally ends up married to the Daughter of Nine Moons. By the eleventh book, Mat was the character I looked forward to reading about the most. 

That's all I can remember for now! What are your literary crushes? :)
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