I finally have my laptop back! No more frowning at a ridiculously tiny netbook or saving and resaving, then emailing myself the file. Or typing on Google Docs (not that I have anything against them - but their formatting is practically non-existent).

I was sitting in front of the aforementioned netbook, wishing for the end of The Scion (which I have finally started) to come swiftly. It isn't that I dislike this book - if anything, I love it. I love Behzad, I love the setting and I love the premise of the story. What I wanted, I realized, was another completed book under my belt. Something that I could edit, that I could say 'Hey, I finished another one.' I also wanted something to put on the query go 'round.

That's when I realized that my attitude for this book is completely different than the attitude that I had when writing The Pawn. When I wrote that, it wasn't when will I finish it, it was will I finish it. Having never finished a complete novel, the idea that I could finish one was completely new to me. But now that I have a completed novel under my belt, I know: It only takes one.

And it really does. It only takes one for a writer to have that attitude change from will I to when I. It only takes one query to get an agent. One sell, to become published. But once you've got that foundation, it gets easier. There's less pressure, because you know you can do it. So if you're stuck, just remember: It only takes one.

I've written the novel. I've done the hardest thing. I've got The One (the first one) under my belt. Comparatively, it's easy going from here.

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