That's right! The first draft of The Pawn is COMPLETE! -doeshappydance- I finished it up this morning at five AM, prayed Fajr and then knocked out on my bed. Today, I had a reason waking up at noon. :) It wrapped up at just under 145k which wasn't too far off my goal for the first draft. Now, I just have to get a cyber saw and chop it down to 90k. -.- Finding 50k to chop off of this thing might be hard. Anyway, I'm going to let it sit for two weeks, get some perspective, chill out before school starts, hopefully plan one of the SNI's floating around in my head, and then it's back to the The Pawn and editing.

In celebration of this auspicious occasion, I've changed the layout. Took forever to fix properly, but its working now.

*picture of the lovely tea set is property of `ArhcamtIlnaad of deviantart

I also made this, to celebrate the first draft's completion.
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